1PL8 is Revolutionizing the way Americans view food

Our School

Proper cooking technique is important. We'll teach you how to select the right food and prepare it the right way to produce a meal that is delicious, nutritious, and enjoyed by everyone. It’s easier than you think.

1 PL8 Cooking School

Each cooking class will be focused on our 3 core values: inspire, educate and lead. We understand how hard you work, and we want to help ensure that every penny you spend on food is utilized. We want to make sure the time you spend in the kitchen is quick and easy, while still producing an amazing healthy and delicious meal. And, we want to equip you with the confidence and assurance that the food you are eating or serving your children is nourishing and nutritious.

We were making a difference, but it wasn’t enough. We didn’t have a “home” that we could really build the relationships with people that was needed. We believe empowerment at the family level is the most inspiring and that is why we opened the 1 PL8 Cooking School! 


Unlike other failed child-centric approaches to this problem, our mission focuses on the entire family unit. Poor eating habits displayed and promoted by parents become habits that solidify as the child makes their own choices. These children then become parents who do the same – it is this vicious cycle that plagues our families with deadly, but preventable diseases. 


Working together, relying on me as your personal chef is what makes us successful. I needed a place that you could come to and get inspired, educated and understand that food is our greatest medicine. So, this cooking school was born, for you, for your children, for us and our future.

Why did we build a school?

When I was studying for my master’s degree, I focused a lot of the assignments towards topics I was interested in, which was obesity and its devastating effects on family, children and our country. What I discovered broke my heart and enraged me. What was being done continuously was technically the definition of insanity. They continued doing the same thing expecting a different outcome, but it just got worse. Our communities are facing a health epidemic that is growing exponentially. In fact, its rate has doubled in adults and tripled in in children over the last twenty-five years alone!


As a professional chef I have dedicated my life to food, techniques and teaching at the highest level. What I realized is that I could help families, children and seniors. I knew my expert skill set could have true impact on people’s lives. So, I started doing free cooking lessons everywhere and anywhere people would allow me to come in. Doing this allowed me to talk to moms and seniors and see what they were doing and how I could help. I started to hear the same reasons repeatedly, so we built our 1PL8 core values around them.